About the Production

January 16th 2016

Caulder’s View EPK

September 1st 2015

Film Publicity Photos by Brigitte Patenaude & Jesse Pickett.

February 18th 2015

Congratulations to Evan Rein for being cast as Caulder! Pamela Kearns will be playing Liz! Mariah Layne has been cast as our Waitress!

Feb 12th 2015

We had a great day checking out some locations, we hope you all had a great day too!

Here’s a shot of our first Assistant Director Adam Charron in the Delta area, just south of Vancouver.

Feb 5th 2015

Here’s some concept art, from our amazing concept artist Jośe Arias.

Check out more of his work here:


Feb 5th 2015

A production meeting between Director Jesse Pickett, Co-Producer Devan Francis, Co-Producer Dan Baker, and Associate Producer Michelle Szymlowski, at Our Town Cafe. Photos by Brigitte Patenaude.

We met to discuss locations, casting, and all of the other exciting decisions that need consideration prior to production.

Dec 17th 2015

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for so much love and support with our project. We’re 104% of the way to our goal! We love all of your enthusiasm and can’t wait to make the best movie possible for you all. Please, keep up the shares! Any additional donations will help us make an even better production!

We have a big list of wonderful donors. Thank you all so much for making the month of December amazing for us:

Brendan, Elisabeth Beyer, Brigitte Patenaude, Crystal Knights, Kelcie Hudson, Jacob Sysak, Philip Battison, Matt Usherwood, Zac Nelson, Carmen Charron & Brian Whitney, Sunny Mohajer, Collin Orthner, Matthew Littlejohns, Liana Pace & Jonathan Gravel, Holly Touring, Judy Reardigan, Diego Montoya, Jack Silberman, Gregory Rinaldi, Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Chantal Battison, Stephanie Bernard, Christina Bolhuis, Gisele Battison, Megan Charron, Roy Rhyno, Richard Beyer, Matthew & Jennifer, Keith Pierce, Max Morrow, Shannon Lentz, Aaron Dawson, Aileen Choi, Gary Pierce, Dan Fitzpatrick, Jack & Doreen Pickett, Nancy & Allan Arnold, Nik Tanaskovic, Jim Francis, Susan Mckenzie, Steffi Patenaude, Garret Leblanc, Tracy & Brent Pickett, Jocelan Jansen, Jason Kyle, Philippe Pinheiro, Jessica Bernard, Quaid Layden, Mike Francis, Jason Pickett, Michelle Poulsen, Darren Fehrmann, Lindsey Hart, Kiefer Campbell, Rylan Manning, Brittney Kibermanis, Yoris Bosman, Laura Reiko Hashimoto, Birttney Neufeld, John Aidan MacAulay, AC Murray, Kimberly Faber, Mitch & Morgan Day, Jacqueline West, Gordon Rausch, Don & Shelly Willson, Tomas Wittrup, Helene Campbell, Caleb Pierce, Sarah, Ross Pierce, Lasse Hynninen, and Chelsea Goodman!

Merry Christmas to you all and to everyone who has shared and supported the project thus far!

Canola Fields

Nov 29th 2014

In the future, mountains have been ground down as an alternative energy source. Caulder, a comic-book loving city-slicker, seeks Muskrat Pass-one of the last Mountains left in North America, to scatter his Father’s ashes. Accompanied by his father’s Nav unit-a pocket-sized artificial-intelligence device, Caulder encounters subterranean beasts, feral mining robots, as he traverses the treacherous yet beautiful landscape. In a world where scenic landscapes are fleet, and humans are intrinsically attached to technology, Caulder’s View is a quest to find a more meaningful way of life and to overcome the grief associated with loss.

Here’s a short excerpt from the script:


Nov 29th 2015

“One of the greatest elements to any science fiction or science fantasy film is the world in which the characters exist. There is a bleakness to earth, in Caulder’s View, as most mountains have been ground down. I’d like to focus on cool tones for the exteriors. As a way of pacifying consumers, in the world of Caulder’s View, technology and fashion have moved toward warm pastel tones. We’ll be building the world a lot through sound design as well. There are subterranean mountain beasts and stray mining robots that can be heard at various points in the film.” — Jesse Pickett, Director of Caulder’s View

Here are some photos from Jesse’s personal photography that inspired the visual aesthetic of the film: