Storyhive Campaign

In the fall of 2015, Umbrageous was a successful production grant recipient through TELUS STORYHIVE as well as distribution through Telus Optik.

There are four children, seemingly born of the forest – Moose, Osprey, Lynx and Wolf. They all bear attire and personalities that reflect their animal and speak through their own version of sign language. They live a peaceful life in their small village, in the heart of the forest, until the night the man arrives. Woken by the sound of cars in the distance and a gun-shot, the children follow a hasty Wolf to investigate. At the scene of the crime is the body of an adult, illuminated by the headlights of a car, and a gun – all new things to their culture. The group argue and, eventually, decide to bring the gun back to the village. As four beings that scarcely understand violence, they are left with the perplexing task of owning this dangerous new technology.



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